Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week One Topic

What is your Love Story ?


  1. After realizing who Jesus is and accepting Him, I began going to a college small group. A nice, funny, and sincere man was there = James. We became instant friends and hung out all the time. We remained friends for 2 years, seeing each other through our relationships and trials through life. One day, after spending the day together, I realized I "liked" him :) We began dating! We dated for 3 years and then one day he told me we were going to dinner and to dress up! I did and we ate a nice meal and we came back to him house where he had planned out a nice setting to propose :) We were married 3 months later! We have been married for 6 years and have 2 kids :) Marriage is hard and I think remembering your love story will help you realize what attracted you to your partner to begin with :)

  2. Ashley- Your story shows that when we put God 1st, other things fall into place. I agree with you that there are tuff days in any marriage. Just normal day to day life: kids, cleaning,work, and even extended family problems can be stressful ! But your advice is great, remembering "I fell in love with this characteristics " can help us hold on through those stressful times :)

    I also feel that cutting out time with one another helps those stressful times seem a little easier. Date nights even at home after the kids go to bed will help rekindle those memories !

    Thanks for your post and insights.