Meet the Blogger

Hello and welcome to my blog !

 My name is Shalasha Deese and I am on a journey. A journey to help myself through helping others. " A Loving Lasting Marriage" is what I am seeking and I know that each of us has a secret, a element, a building block, that could help one another. My marriage is not in trouble but improving our relationships is an evolving task. I am sure each of us an some portion of our marriage that we would love to strengthen as well as some great advice to share.

 My husband calls me a  social media junkie :) And as I looked on my social media network, I saw so many yearning for better relationships. Therefore, I hope this blog can be a blessing to at least one person. I will ask others their experiences in Marriage and relationships and maybe we can learn from one another's viewpoints to improve our own.

I am a wife, mother, sister , and daughter. My son is 2.5 years old and very active, lovable, and a blessing to me. I have a background in education, currently pursuing a Master's degree in Reading Education. My husband is currently in his 4th year of Medical School.

With all this going on, I hope that I can keep up with my "New Hobby" !