Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Days of Thanks- Days 26 &27

Today I am Thankful for 

Past and Future

Last year, we spent some time in Tampa/St. Petersburg Fl. It was awesome to splash in the water in November. 

A Mantee Viewing Center- It was awesome to see these creatures in nature. Although we just saw them from afar, it was nice to spot them and see share this together. 
When Dad was at the interview my son and I headed to the Zoo. One of the many animals that we saw at the Tampa Zoo was the Manatee. Of course we got a better view at the Zoo. 

We also spend time in Tennessee last year during this time. One of the main cities was Memphis TN. Of course, we could not visit Memphis without #1 visiting Graceland, and #2 eating Memphis BBQ, and #3 visiting the MLK memorial. 

Higher elevations there was snow ! 
Two peas in a pod
The last stop of the home. Showing respect to the members of the Presely Family.

Santa sighting in Nashville TN. 

This area is where all the music happens :) 

On our tour of Nashville, TN.

Our son having a good time playing and getting his wiggles out. 

We were lucky to see some snow. Yes, we stopped at all threw snowballs :) 

I was looking at my photos from last year at this time I realized that we had a really blessed season. We were able to do tons of traveling during my husband's interview season. I like looking at the pictures of some fun times that we were able to have together, sights that we saw, and things we are able to cherish for a lifetime. A lot of our travel was during my husband's break from school so we were able to take our time and have some fun after his stressful interview. 

I am also looking forward to things that we will be able to do in the future. My uncle is coming to visit me in a few weeks and I am very excited. I have some fun things planned for his time with us like brunch, christmas lights, and local sight seeing. My husband will have days off at Christmas that I am looking forward to doing some Christmas traditions. I am looking forward to teaching our son about the Christmas story. As well as having Daddy all to ourselves. 

I am thankful for memories, of hope for brighter days, and the ability to see through some tougher days.

~Thankful and Blessed~

What are you Thankful for today ? If you start a "30 days of Thanks" post on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, let me know about it ! Each day this month I plan to post something that I am thankful for big or small. I hope that you too think of things in your life that you can also be thankful for. I hope that you will have a blessed experience ! 

Sending you all love and blessings today ! 


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