Thursday, January 5, 2012

Each of us has our circles; these circle change as we change. Some of those people drift with you throughout life and some stay behind. So my current circle is my “married mommies circle.” We have things in common, things we can laugh at, as well as things we can encourage one another on.
I brought up that I now have a blog on marriage & relationships. Of course we laughed at my new hobby, and the exact phrase I feel was said….

“ If you marry the right person the 1st time you won’t have anything to worry about.”

Friends think so much alike.

So then the question arises, how do you know you have married the right person? This question seems so easy but I have observed so many marrying for the wrong reasons.

One of my Facebook friends posted: 

In my search on this topic I found this informative article : Ways to Marry the Wrong Person by 

As many of us know it takes a labor of love to make marriage work. Of course every marriage has the normal disagreements and issues. It seems that my husband and I “fuss” about cooking. A funny story because my husband has taught me to cook, but I like to tell him how to do it. Therefore, I stay out of the kitchen when he cooks. Our other big disagreement is to spank or not to spank ( a whole different issue). But when you are married you must meet in the middle, understand one another’s viewpoints, and come to a compromise.

I so far enjoy my new blog, it leads me to think deeper about my own actions toward my own marriage. I am researching, learning, and most importantly doing.

I have a guest blogger lined up for next week on the topic of “communication” stayed tuned for some great insights

I will also be discussing my personal marriage hardships and how it has affected our marriage today. It seems that such a young marriage wouldn’t have already faced hardships, but I am hoping those were our toughest days!  I hope that you will stay connected and share your own stories, insights, and advice for others.

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