Saturday, January 7, 2012

Savoring the Little Moments

Often I will ask my husband what was his favorite part of his day. Usually I will ask this if we have done something’s fun and exciting like a day trip. But each day there are moments that are enjoyable. Often we look for the BIG moments and forget to savor the little moments.

Moments I’ve enjoyed this week with my spouse:

1-   Watching T.V. together after the baby was in bed.
2-   Laughing over silly jokes with each other (One of the reasons I fell and still am head over heels in Love with him.)
3-   My husband went to the grocery store & cooked me a meal unasked.
4-  Watching my husband play with our son.
5-   Holding hands while praying.

Here is a peek at what My Hubby made for me:

Peppercorn crusted steak

Homemade smashed potatoes

The finished product

As we progress through our marriages we can often become complacent with the day-to-day normality’s. If we appreciate the little moments as they occur the Big moments won’t seem so far and in between.

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