Monday, July 16, 2012

Does society uplift divorce?

The media is usually a buzz when celebrities divorce. The readers learn all about the ups and downs of the marriage, the financial war, custody battles, and even “dirt” on the people involved.

The most recent celebrity divorce however had another component in the spotlight, religion.  Of course I am referencing to the recent divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Scientology is said to be the main reason that Katie Holmes wanted to divorce her husband of five years.
Building your relationship with your future spouse, you should ensure that you are building upon a stable foundation. You should ensure that you and your future spouse have aligned values and religious views. Differing views of religion go far beyond attending weekly sessions at church. It will affect the way you live your life, most of all it can affect your walk with God.

Riding on the divorce train a new T.V. show also had three Ex-Wives of Celebrities.  These wives were sort of bragging that they were “once” married to these stars and each even gave a list of positive attributes of their ex-husband.


Most celebrities marry in hast, for fun, to prove a point, or just because.

Marriage is a Holy partnership instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between husband and wife.
Planning to marry should take deep thought, laying out your deal busters, and most importantly prayer.

Viewing social media displaying  divorce can be discouraging to those who are facing issues in their own marriage. It seems to be so widely accepted, easy, and gives you a fresh start. However, don’t let the pressure of the world affect your marriage and most importantly your faith. Divorce is not a fresh start. If you don’t handle the issues that lead you to divorce you can easily end up in a similar or worse situation with your next spouse.

If you are facing a time of distress in  your marriage, I would encourage you to seek martial support you’re a pastor or Christian counselor. Take time and make a promise to honestly face your marriage issues. You must be willing to compromise, and actually makes changes to ensure that both parties are happy.

Is any marriage perfect? No, life is not perfect. We are not perfect, but God never gave up on us. Therefore, we should not give up on our marriages.

Here is a  helpful reading :

·      How to Avoid Divorce by Dr. S. Cole

Book Suggestion :

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce: How Your Marriage Can Succeed Even if Your Parents' Didn'tBy: John Trent Ph.D. 

Marriage is  a labor of  love, it takes work, time, and commit to allow it to grow.   I hope you are able to use these insights to create and/or maintain your "Loving Lasting Marriage". In addition, Pray together and Seek God together if you are seeking your Loving Lasting Marriage.


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  1. I think people today think divorce is ok! But I know God hasn't placed them together for them to easily b torn apart! If our nation still went on God's word we wouldn't b n this mess as a nation! My own opinion is if God is for it not even u will b against it! Let God place a marriage together then no1 can break it apart!

  2. I agree Toripooh- Let God guide your steps into a Marriage that is meant to be..and then put God first to continue on the ight path in your marriage.

    Malachi 2:16 (NLT)"For I hate divorce!" says the LORD, the God of Israel. "To divorce your wife is to overwhelm her with cruelty," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies. "So guard your heart; do not be unfaithful to your wife."

    Guarding our heart's from temptations,deceitful motives, negative thoughts, ego, things that happened in the past, hurts.... for all these things we must Pray and Seek the Lord <3

  3. Great piece. Marriage takes work and constant care. We maintain our cars better than our marriages. God instituted before sin entered the world...Jesus reaffirmed God's authority over it...the enemy wants to destroy and dishonor it. We need to pray for the sanctity of marriages - our own, our families, our friends & neighbors.

  4. You are so correct Merrie- We should also pray for other marriages as well. As christians we should stand together. Thank you so much for being an avid supporter of my blog .