Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking Time For Others

We are still settling in our new town. Apart of that settling in is making new friends. I joined a Mom's group here in our new town and we have been going to play dates .

Today's play date was a little different than meeting at the park. Today we had a chance to give back.

We went to the Midwest Food Bank. I  was amazed to find out it was only a short drive from our new home. 

We signed in and watch a short film that gave more information about the organization. 

I was surprised to find out the Midwest Food Bank was began and continues as a Faith Based initiative.

 It is amazing that we serve others with a drive none other to do good works for God how we can be blessed. 

This group began on a farm and now has grown into four large locations. Three of these are in Illinois and the newest location is in Georgia. In addition to giving to local organizations, Midwest Food Bank is also one of the largest suppliers of the Salvation Army when disasters hit such as Hurricane Katrina hit.

We were then able to take a tour of the Peoria Location :

And then my Son was able to help package Tender Mercies :

Although we were not able to stay long due to my 2 year olds short attention span I feel that every bit helps.  Teaching our children at a young age to give to others is a great life lesson to share with them. 

I plan to return to the Midwest Food Bank and giving more time to help others. I hope that there is some type of organization  in your area that you can give support to as well. 


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  1. Teaching children to "love your neighbor" begins as they watch their parents. Good job, Mom!