Sunday, February 12, 2012

National Marriage Week Real Love Stories

         Love Stories, each married couple has oneLove Grows.  I often find myself even before I began my blog, asking my friends how they meet their spouse. I find it intriguing the varying ways people find their spouse. Most stories if not all can be tied to fate, no not fate, but God.
         My relationship began with a prayer before we even met. A prayer that I would find my soul mate, helpmate, and life mate. My husband is not perfect but I truly believe that God made him just for me. I met my husband right when I needed him the most, in high school. That may seem weird but true. We needed one another.
         From high school sweet hearts to a relationship that has lasted 11 and a half years. We have been married for 4 and a half years, we have already been through so many obstacles but we are still in Love, happy, and continuing to help one another.
            Over the next three days I will share with you three Love Stories. Each a little different but demonstrates that Love Grows.

Our 1st Love Story is similar to my own and maybe yours too in that it is a High School Sweet Heart Love Story.

            Tell us about your Love Story.
 My Husband and I started dating October 27, 2001. I began working at Burger Shack where he also worked. I started working there in August and by October he had worked up enough of courage to ask me out.  Our Journey led us to marriage on February 12, 2005.  My husband decided to join the Air Force. He left for basic training in August 2005. We were stationed in Texas and in January 2006 we were stationed in NC back close to our families.  Being in the military can be stressful upon a marriage due to the long hours, being away from your family, and just the day-to-day life of being in the military. However, we always focused on the positives and just enjoying the time that we could spend together. Then in October 2007 we welcomed our son Aden into the world.  He is a great mix of the two of us and is our world! Military marriages have a 3.7% divorce rate but today  (2/12/12) we are celebrating our 7th wedding Anniversary!

High School Sweethearts
Wedding Day 

Family Addition : Aden
Bobbie Jo and Brett

 What do you feel is the most important element of keeping your Marriage “Loving”?
 My hubby is my best friend and when you find that in your significant other then the love just comes along with itJ

How do you and your husband handle disagreements?
We have come to the realization that what the other is saying is important. We listen to each other’s point of view and meet in the middle. Like with any relationship even getting ill at the other is normal from time to time but by the end of the night we kiss goodnight no matter what!

 How do you and your husband make time for one another?
We both love to cook so we always enjoy cooking and grilling together almost every day!

 What do you feel are important characteristics or traits of a “Lasting Loving Marriage”.

  • Always being there for the other NO matter What!
  • Always be sure to let your s/o know how much you care. Sometimes just "I Love you" still gives you  butterflies but also gives you that reassurance that you need!

Have you and your husband faced a problem? If so how did you overcome it?
We all face some type problem in marriage whether it is big or small. We have never faced any huge problems though just the small ones thank goodness. We always try to compromise and understand each other in every situation. Our viewpoint is that we were all made different so we are entitled to our independent opinions and differences but we have to meet in the middle!

What advice do you think would have helped you have a smoother marriage that you can pass to others?
When you find the one you Love you will know. There is no perfect relationship but there is a great love for each of us. A lasting loving marriage is very real! Always try to understand one another and always let your spouse know what is going on from your perspective. If there’s a doubt or something you are feeling down or out about let them know.  When you communicate with one another you will be able to work through your issues. My hubby says “I Don’t know how to make you feel better, what to change, or how to make you or things better if you don’t let me know.”  Effectively communicating has been an important element in our Loving Lasting Marriage; always let your spouse know!

I hope that you have been able to use National Marriage Week as a time to enhance your marriage . I plan to highlight two additional Love Stories this week with varying elements. I hope you are able to gain something useful from each of these stories.

Please continue to share these posts with others as well as contribute your own elements for a Loving Lasting Marriage. 



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