Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tips from Real Marriages

National Marriage week is about uplifting Marriage. One way we can do this is by sharing our experiences. I have gathered tips from real marriages to share with you. You can join in the conversation here on this Blog, on Twitter, or Facebook. I hope that you will share these " Tips from Real Marriages" with other couples who are married, who are thinking or marriage, or who are seeking a relationship that will lead to marriage.

We are called to be unselfish, giving to each other, even when it hurts! Treat your spouse, as YOU want to be treated.- Lezlie

Always try to keep that love fresh and exciting.... ♥♥♥- Peggy

We agreed years ago to not involve our respective parents that we're each very close to (my dad and his mom) in our domestic disputes. While we may forgive each other and move on the parent may still hold it against the other and we just don't need that kind of negative energy in our marriage. We also DO fight in front of the kids; we don't want them to have any misconceptions about marriage being easy. We also make a point to makeup in front of them because they need to understand that even though we get angry we still love each other very much.- Allison

My husband has a tip that he says all the time "the man has to continue doing what he first did to get the woman even after you are long married! This includes dates, flowers, telling her how good she looks and most importantly. " I Love yous"- Deidra

My husband and I talk about any and everything....I think it is important to be approachable so your spouse feels like talking to you about anything and everything is always possibly. It may get uncomfortable sometimes but I fill like it is a crucial part of our happiness....that and God's hand- Ramona

We NEVER say the "D" word (divorce). No matter how mad we get or how big of a fight we get into. It is just not something we ever use. That way we always know where we stand with each other. No games. We can fight and make up. Theres no need for hurt feelings. Also, we've never called each other names when we've fought. We agree to not fight dirty.- Sharon

One thing I have found to be very helpful in all things but especially in my marriage is the fact that you must communicate. Communication is very important between a husband and his wife.- Amber

It is important to read the Bible and pray together, as a couple. Not just family worship, but couple worship as well. Sometimes that might seem like you're doing devotions 3x/day, if you do individual, family and couple, but I think it's almost mandatory to help keep your relationship line "open" to God.- Lezlie

 You have to  be totally committed to those vows. In the good times and the bad, put God first and obey His Word. 50 years definitely wasn't easy, but we made it with God's help !

We have caught a glimpse of the elements that create a “ Loving Lasting Marriage”  in our jar .  I hope you are able to use these insights to  create or maintain your “ Loving Lasting Marriage”. I would like to thank each one of you that has added to our jar ! Please continue to be apart of this great effort to help ourselves through helping one another ! 



  1. Agree with the tips you listed very much. Marriage isn't easy and the only thing that kept ours together through some very ugly times wasn't our feeling for one another, but rather our marriage vows to God. We also surrounded ourselves with like-minded devoted Christian couples. God bless

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