Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review : The Five Love Languages : The Secret to Love that Lasts By : Dr. Gary Chapman

Ch 2- Keeping the Love Tank Full

This chapter aligned with a post a few weeks ago. Love fills a both an emotional and physical need.  Many people fill that Love can fill a emotional void and rush to fill that void. In many instances in that rush a wrong decision about Love can be made.

I advised my readers to find the roots of your emotional reasons and work to fulfill those needs yourself. When you are happy you can then make others happy.

Dr. Chapman described our emotional need for love as a  “love tank”. This “love tank” is something that can be filled and emptied. Positive things we do for our spouse including spending time with them, listening to them, and speaking their love language can fill this tank. Where as negative things we do such as not speaking their love language, hurting their feelings, or even cheating on them can empty their love tanks.

Ch 3- Falling in Love

In this chapter, we meet a person who has fell in love. Many of us have experienced the falling in-love stage. Butterflies, endless thinking of that 1 person, doodling hearts and their name.

In your experience, does this  euphoric   feeling last forever? Well you are not alone! Dr. Chapman includes a scientific study that proves that “the average life span of a romantic obsession is two years. (p.22) ”

Have you ever met someone who just loves the “feeling” of “falling in love” and jumps to the next relationship when this feeling fades?

Dr. Chapman encourages us to focus and nature the “real-love” with our spouse.  His advice is to maintain those “love-tanks” to ensure that both you and your spouse feel loved.

If you would like more details I encourage you to pick up the book and read along! Next week I will be reviewing Chapters 4,5,and 6. If you have not already done so, you can find out your spouse and your love language on the Official Site for this book. 


Chapman, G., & Chapman, G. D. (2010). The 5 love languages, the secret to love that lasts. Northfield Publishing.

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