Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We’re All In It Together- A Glimpse of a Doctor’s Wife

My Son just said, “ Mom, It’s a hard day”. Even a two year old knows…

I gave my son the choice of going to the library, to the park, or riding is bike. He chose to ride his bike. After a few minutes he was crying to go back inside. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon the sun was beating down a little and we headed back inside.

We were outside to get his wiggles out and so Daddy could sleep. This weekend is one of those dreadful “call nights”. Call nights don’t only mean my husband is at the hospital from 8:30pm- Until ( I won't go in to details to refrain from breaking any rules). It also means that he has to sleep when he gets home so he can be prepared for the next “call night”.

So our weekend is flipped upside down. We don’t get to spend that extra time to connect. As well as my son doesn’t get to put Daddy in the newest wrestling move and jump all over him like he is a trampoline.

No matter how much you mentally prepare yourself for the strains of a resident’s schedule you are never fully prepared.  Being tired, lonely, bored, and even a little scared (come on, it’s scary at night) all catch up with the best of us. Weekends seem worse than weekday call nights. During the week I can camouflage myself in with the other stay at home moms. However, on the weekends everywhere we go we see families having fun together.

But “ We ‘re All In It Together”.

Marriage isn’t all about roses, sunshine, and rainbows. It’s also about the climbing over mountains together. When we get to the top of the mountain we will be able to see our finish line.
I know that we’ll have several mountains to climb during this residency. Many call nights, float nights, tough rotations, times we’ll want to be back home in NC, etc. But during all those struggles as we continue to climb, “We’re All In It Together”.

I feel good when my husband comes home and we are here to give him a hug, cook him good tasty food (He says the work food isn’t good, ha), and give him things to smile about.
I rather be by his side in all of this too, our Love is not diminished. It grows stronger  because we know that we can withstand trails.

But- I'm going to advise him that his real job after training should consist of Monday- Friday 8-5. Let's see how that goes :) 

I know that whatever happens, " We're All In It Together"


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  1. Beautiful reflection! Yes! Being "in it" together makes all the difference in the life and health of a marriage.

  2. Martha,
    I find that our mindset directly effects the health of our marriage. Although there are hard days focusing on the good days helps us continue with a positive mindset.

    Thanks <3